Website and Graphics Optimization

Having a good-looking website is important, but it may be causing your webpage to load slowly. This can cause visitors to lose patience and this may mean losing potential customers. It also means that search engines have a more difficult time noticing your website. Optimizing a website means working on various parts of pages that could be slowing down the loading speed, such as high quality graphics, without changing the overall appearance of the website. Our clients have received scores from GTmetrix of 90% and over.

Position Monitoring

Keeping an eye on the position of your site on a search engine and keywords that may help in bringing more visitors to your website is important to ensure your site is getting a good amount of attention. If a recent alteration to the website is affecting the amount of visitors in a negative way, we can help you boost your numbers.

Keyword Monitoring and Research

Keywords allow people to find your site when searching on a search engine. This ensures more people can find your website and can put you above the competition. The more keywords related to your website, the easier it will be for people to find your website.

Link Building

Link building increases your presence on the Internet and brings in more visitors to your website from external sites and search engines. It also increases your credibility to let web surfers know that your website can be trusted.