HostCrew is a Web Hosting and Development Company

Hostcrew, based in Southwestern Indiana, is dedicated to providing individuals and corporations with the best hosting and software available on the web for the web.

Just a little bit about the people you will talk to at Hostcrew:

Hostcrew was started by a guy who thought he new knew nothing about computers.

In fact, Richard Grav is a talented welder, mechanic, inventor, educator and successful computer programmer. It all flows together—creating something useful from scraps of metal and making web sites more functional with bits and bytes of alphabet soup.

Richard's first web site was for an auto dealer when the web was starting to get popular in the mid-1990s. He was interested in getting search results when Altavista, Lycos, Hotbot, and Northern Light were attempting to index the web .

His first desktop software was a search engine submission software called Sub-Zero, which was designed to help the search bots find his customers in the ever expanding universe of the World Wide Web. He continued to develop and improve the software, was re-branded as iSEEK traffic, and was a steady best seller for over 6 years.

For more than 15 years, Richard has adopted PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) as a second language. This scripting language has taken the web to the next level in functionality, particularly when teamed with a MySql database. All of our web sites use PHP.

Dave Murray was interested in electronics before the transistor became the silicon sandwich of choice and computers that filled large rooms only did basic arithmetic. Detouring from a technical career to Radio DJ to Consumer Electronic Sales with a major Japanese manufacturer. Dave was not interested in computers until they could display video, audio, graphics and pictures.

The creative potential combined with honed marketing skills led to a career in web design. Dave ended up hosting some early sites with Richard's company, which led to friendship and project collaboration. They share the same philosophy to develop lasting relationships with customers, to create web sites that are practical and affordable for small to medium sized companies, and give them technology that would have been unheard of just a few years ago.